zygmunt korytkowski
Zygmunt Korytkowski

Zygmunt Korytkowski was born in Augustów north east Poland in 1978.
At 25, after graduation from Adam Mickiewicz University with an MA in Cultural Studies he moved to the UK. Since then he has started travelling extensively to remote, unexplored areas of Central Asia. His fascination for forgotten places combined with a strong desire to understand indigenous societies has developed into an interest in photography. 
It is through this medium that Zygmunt endeavours to capture these disappearing civilisations.  

Zygmunt considers photography as a complementary extension to his passion for travel and his images are representative of perceiving reality through the camera’s lens.

The key aim of his work is to illustrate the beauty of the regions he has visited and the people he has met on his journey so that they, in turn, may inspire others and give a new perspective to places often misrepresented in the global media.


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